News from Boissevain School

October 20, 2010

Community and School

Filed under: Students — Mr. White @ 1:58 am

Today was the annual Volleyball Game between the Varsity Girls and the Coop Staff.  Every year the Coop Staff take on our girls in a spirited volleyball match and even though it is all in fun there are still some competitive players on the Coop staff who play to win. (Not to mention Good Lookin’ and Cookie).  Aside from the match there is a message from the chairman of the board and that is the support the Coop receives from the students and how the Coop likes to support our youth in the community.  It is at this time that equity cheques are handed out to some of our students and the Coop also provides the student government with some gifts to act as give aways throughout the year.  All and in All it is one of those good moments between community and school.  It is also important to continue to mention the good things seen in our school.  As I was walking down the hallway to go help fold up tables in the lunchroom, I saw a Gr. 12 student stop and start talking to one of our Gr. 10 girls.  She asked the Gr. 10 if she was going to the volleyball game and the Gr. 10 said that she wasn’t.  The Gr. 12 continued to try and convince this Gr. 10 to go and I thought good for you.  It is all about building relationships and that is what had taken place today.


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