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October 24, 2010

What just happened!

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Looking back over the last month or so, I realized again what staff and community do for the students in Boissevain.  Here is a list of the many things that took place in that time frame knowing that I have probably missed something. 1.  The Manitoba Student Leadership Conference was held at the Peace Garden hosted by Boissevain and Killarney School. –  Many of our High School & Middle School Students were some of the 175 participants.   2. The  Grad Trip was on Wednesday and Thursday (described in previous post)  3. The Varsity Girls hosted a 10 team volleyball tournament on Friday & Saturday.  4.  The Bronco Hockey Team attended a tournament in Glenboro over the last 3 days.  5. The Junior Varsity Boys Volleyball team attended a tournament in Virden.  6.  The Varsity Boys Volleyball team have attended close to 5 tournaments already and the JV Girls Volleyball teams have gone to Altona, Virden and to Portage this past weekend.  7. Some students went to a Yearbook Workshop in Winnipeg over night.  8. The Reach for the Top team are practicing at noon hour.  9. The Drama Club and Course are gearing up for their production. 10. Student Government Retreat

Where am I headed with this? Yes all of these take a huge commitment by our students BUT please reflect on the adults involved in making this happen.  How do these events happen? Well, it takes a great deal of time from coaches (that is a given) but it also involves other staff organizers who plan for the leadership conference, organize the yearbook, drama, & Reach for the top, the staff who help organize for tournaments and games (getting gate workers and even working at the gate themselves, also getting the canteen organized), it involves those who plan schedules for leagues and travel arrangements and redo this over again when something gets canceled or changed.  Staff are committed to take on these roles even when their own children are not involved. If their child is a participant then this is simply a bonus. Staff bring their young children to the activity or have to get a babysitter.  There is a real tendency by staff to take a leadership role in these activities so that parents are able to sit back and enjoy watching their child.  But look what parents will do – they will drive when needed, help in the canteen,  help with fundraisers to list a few and get their child to practices – before school or later at night.

What should one expect from the student athletes?  Work hard in practice and games, respect all involved (coaches, opponents, officials, parents, fans) – keep on top of things at school – have fun but not at the expense of someone else.  Simply – be good people!  It doesn’t get any better than that!  Do all our athletes come with all of these qualities, not always!  Teaching these qualities becomes another job for all involved.

What is the status of our youth – What do you see in our student – athletes?


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