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October 27, 2010

Technology and Readers!

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I follow a blog quite closely and the most recent post talked about what students read and choices they have. Here is what I read.

” We are all in agreement that if we want students to be more engaged in their reading, they should have more choice and read books that are based on their interests, right? (Great post by Nancy Ehrlich on reading logs.)

Then why are we not all in agreement about having tools in our schools such as computers and hand-held devices that students enjoy using for their learning?”

I see in Boissevain School that there are opportunities to choose what to read, not always but a lot of the time. I am always interested in how hand held devices can be used correctly.  I have seen where “podcasts” work with sharing information with students yet we all do not have these devices or computers – do you see how technology can be used more effectively and how students can use them to be more engaged in their reading/learning?


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  1. This was a good post by our ‘friend’ George (blog: The Principal of Change). He raises a good point. I think we should be embracing new technology (rather obvious from my work at Boissevain, I guess!). We should teach and model ethical, appropriate use and make use of the power and potential for learning and collaborating. iPod Touch, iPad and other hand-helds offer so much potential for education!
    PS – I am always open to helping you & the staff if you want – gives me an excuse to visit the best school in Manitoba!

    Comment by mnantais — October 27, 2010 @ 11:04 pm | Reply

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