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November 26, 2010

Drama Production

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This years Drama Production just ended last night with 3 straight performances for the public and additional performances for the school on Wednesday.  Congratulations to all the cast members, behind the scene people and the staff, parent volunteers.  Students should be congratulated on the dedication to the amount of time and effort put into such a production.  WELL DONE!


November 20, 2010

Staying In School

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The media reported today that government is  strongly considering to implement new legislation that would require all young Manitobans to stay in school until they are 18 years old?  The current age is 16.  What are your thoughts – pros and cons?

November 16, 2010

Social Media

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I have been following a blog quite regularly but most recently picked up a few more to view every couple of days.  The most recent entry showed a number of educational video sites and the one I looked at talked about students and social media.  The video had an interview on NBC of a school principal talking about asking parents to ban students from using facebook.  The video had text showing the opposite opinion of what the principal was saying.  What are your thoughts about both sides?  Should facebook be banned from student use at home and school?  Should the responsibility of students and parents be to use social media properly?  What are the ways you use Social Media in a responsible way?

November 11, 2010

Cell Phones

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Student Government members held a “use your cell phone” day today and I am not sure how many actually used their phones.  Members of my advisory group tried to phone Mr. Billaney but he did not answer. I do wonder what thoughts students have about cell phones in the school, at work, etc.  When I think of them in the school, I think that they are just a distraction.  I have not seen where they could be used on a consistent basis.  It seems such a habit as young and old are always checking for messages.  I was at a Volleyball tournament and talking to another coach in the staff room.  He must have checked his phone about 15 times in our short conversation.  He would check it, put it in his pocket, then check it again.  My conversation must have been boring. Ha Ha!

I hear about the restrictions employers put on their workers, even in Boissevain.  These are what I have heard but I am not sure how accurate they are:  Some workers could be suspended from work for 3 days if caught using their cell phone on the job – One business for sure does not allow their workers to use cell phones while they are working – and of course drivers are not allowed to use cell phones.

So – I guess – problems that exist with cell phone use are popping up in other places, not just schools.  What are your thoughts?  Are there educational purposes being used in the school environment.  I tried out a survey that uses cell phones to collect data – it is “polleverywhere” – similar to voting for an IDOL show.

November 7, 2010

Remembrance Day

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Boissevain School will host their annual Remembrance Day Service on Wednesday of this week (Nov. 10 – 11am)  The service has evolved over the years to become such a valuable event in the school.  This service brings school and community together with a very large student body participation. (Senior Band, Student Governments – HS and MS, Primary Choirs, Legion Color Guard, etc.)  Over the years there have been some powerful reminders and messages sent by the people and videos presented at the Remembrance Day Service.  It certainly is a time to remember those who fought for our freedom but also to think of those who are involved in conflict right now in a peace keeping role, specifically in Afghanistan.  Reflect on past services!  Reflect on what Remembrance day means to you at this time in your life!  Thanks to all students and staff who prepare our Remembrance Day Service in our school.

November 4, 2010

Take Your Kids to Work

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Today was “Take Your Kids to Work Day” both locally and across the Nation.  One young lady won the chance to spend the day with Prime Minister Harper.  She even got to sit in his chair.  I have talked to a few Grade 9 students about spending the day with their parents and the comments were very positive.

What I would like to know from students is: 1. What is the value of spending the day with your parents?  2. What were the highlights of working with your parents? Please leave a comment.

November 2, 2010


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Halloween has come and gone and it is so nice to see that once again the people of Boissevain (Young and Old) have respected the property of others.  As much fun as Halloween is for some people, there still is the uncertainty of what the morning brings with eggs, toilet paper, etc.  It is great to know that the main purpose of Halloween has been to dress up and find candy.  This was so true as I asked numerous students about Halloween and where did they hide their candy from Mom and Dad.  Some get pretty protective of their candy.  Great job students! Great Job Parents!  Knowing that Halloween is about costumes and candies and not vandalism is great feeling to have at Halloween.

Boissevain School Student Government went out on their annual food drive and were very successful.  I haven’t heard the amount of food but was told that the response from the community was fantastic.  Thank You!

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