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November 20, 2010

Staying In School

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The media reported today that government is  strongly considering to implement new legislation that would require all young Manitobans to stay in school until they are 18 years old?  The current age is 16.  What are your thoughts – pros and cons?



  1. Is it until your 18 or until you graduate?
    Because I graduate when I’m 17 and I really don’t want to stay for another year when I already have the education I need.
    Just wondering..

    Comment by Ashlee — November 23, 2010 @ 4:32 pm | Reply

  2. I agree with this because when kids or teenagers get the chance to learn or get a good education then they can use it when they graduate from school. After they graduate they can go to college or university. its not like its that hard to go to school and do a bit of work then you can talk to t\your friends after classes or even during some classes. it’s not like they are in prison or anything.



    Comment by Harbar — November 23, 2010 @ 4:42 pm | Reply

  3. I think that it is a good idea to make it so you have to stay in school until you’re 18. If you stay in school until you graduate, it will make it easier to get decent jobs and you’ll also be able to further your education, like going to college or university, if you choose to do so. When you get older and if you regret your decision to drop out of school at the age of 16, you’ll have to do Adult Education. If you stayed in school until you were 18 then you wouldn’t have to worry about that. So basically I think it is a good idea to bump the age up to 18.


    Comment by Jennifer Hildebrandt — November 23, 2010 @ 5:13 pm | Reply

  4. I think that increasing this age from sixteen to eighteen is a very good idea. In my opinion it is quite important because there are some people who want to continue school after they turn sixteen, but can’t. For example, I knew someone who moved away from home at sixteen and wanted to continue her education in a different town. She couldn’t, however, because in order to attend the school of her choice she had to have her parents’ signatures. Since they didn’t agree with their daughter’s decision to leave home, they refused to sign for her to continue her education. I believe that basic education is a human right and by increasing the requirement age, I think the government would be helping a lot of people.


    Comment by Willow Dyck — November 23, 2010 @ 5:16 pm | Reply

  5. Is there really a “con” in making kids stay in school? Sure we don’t like it, but in the long run, a good education is needed in life. I also heard that it used to be Grade 8, when you could drop out. That’s ridiculous! I’m glad it’s 18. Because that should lower the poverty rate, and stop teens that are say, 18, who had dropped out of school previously, from peddling drugs or something. Now that they HAVE to stay in school, they can get a good job, and become a contribution to the community… Or something.



    Comment by Dallas McDonald — December 9, 2010 @ 5:47 pm | Reply

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