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December 20, 2010

Last Week of School

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We started the last week of school, today,  (3 days) before holidays and some nice things have happened.  Last night a wide age of carolers came by our house and sang 3 Christmas Carols.  It was cold but the young singers sure held their own with the old timers!  What a treat!  Another enjoyable time was the Gr. 6’s musical presentation to their parents at noon on Monday.  It was about the Trial of the Big Bad Wolf.  What great singers, actors (actresses) and performers.  It was a one time performance and very well done.  The Grade 1 to 3 class were so excited this morning about being able to participate in the Mini Stick tournament.  You could hear them cheering loudly for everyone in the gym.  This tournament is being organized by the Gr. 7 class and they are putting all the proceeds towards the Gr. 6 class fund raising efforts for World Vision.  Also to note,  High School Student Government hosted a Christmas Caroling competition in the lobby.  There are sure excellent singers in our school, some are trying to catch up!  What do you enjoy about the last week of school before Christmas Holidays?


December 15, 2010

What Do You Think?

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These next couple of weeks make me wonder about a few things:

1.  What were your memories when you participated in the Christmas Concert?

2.  How prepared are you for your Student Led Conferencing on January 12?

3.  What are you looking forward to during the holidays?

December 8, 2010

Student Led Conferences

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K to 12 students are hosting their Student Led Conferences with their parents on Wednesday, January 12.  The evening involves sharing student work with their parents through master portfolios, class portfolios and other means prepared in younger classes.   How do you go about doing your conference? What is the value for students in doing the student led conferences? Do you have other ideas for the conference between parents and children?


December 2, 2010

Cell Phones

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We had a great discussion in Advisory today about the use of cell phones in school.  Input ranged from Gr. 9 to Gr. 12 students.  The two main topics were: 1. The ethical use of phones and 2. Student Responsibilities towards using phones.  How do you see yourself with respect to each topic?

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