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January 17, 2011

Student Led Conferences

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We just completed a K to 12 evening of Student Led Conferences on Jan. 12.  The purpose of the conference is:

Student-led conferences are designed to:

  1. give the student the opportunity to showcase skills
  2. give students the opportunity reflect upon work with a view to seeking self improvement
  3. promoting parent involvement
  4. foster a student – teacher dialogue focussed on learning

How did you feel that you met the above goals?  How did you do?  What changes would you like to see?



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  1. The movie talked about technology and how people learn differently than they did in the past. The world changes so the schools and the people need to change too. I think I learn differently than my parents did, because of how much we use the computers and the Internet. The teachers were much stricter then too! I spend alot of time networking with others on the Internet, both in Germany and Canada. If I have a school project to do the first place I look for information is the Internet. I learn best from looking at pictures rather than reading a book full of words. I think I am different than the movie talked about because I do not concentrate very well when there is too much noise or things going on around me. I study in a quiet area.

    Comment by laurad — February 15, 2011 @ 5:30 pm | Reply

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