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March 20, 2011

Saying and Doing Something Nice!

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When I do announcements I like to remind students to “Do something nice or Say something nice for someone that day!”  It is one of those messages that you hope is acted on throughout the student’s day.  Some students will be more confident in saying something nice or doing something nice for someone, others will find it challenging to move out of their comfort zone.

I was thrilled the other day as I passed through the Lobby.  Two High School students told me that they had taken the message of “Doing something nice” downtown and noticed an older lady trying to get her electric mobility buggy to move down the sidewalk.  These two gentlemen quickly went over and helped the lady through the snowbank.  What a great gesture.

The next day as I was standing in the hallway at the end of recess, I could see a group of Grade 4 boys coming quickly towards me.  It was obvious that they were excited about something.  One of the boys began to tell me how their whole group had found the opportunity to “Do something nice for Someone”.  I was impressed as I was told about how they had found a mouse (Vole, Shrew) and had moved it over to an area where it would be more safe.  They were confident that it would be okay until they checked on it the next recess.  Sure enough as I asked them if the “mouse” was still where they had left it and they replied that it was.  However, next recess,  the mouse had moved on as it wasn’t where they had provided it a safe haven.  What was important for me was they were recognizing how they felt by doing something nice for “Something!” It felt good!


March 13, 2011

What do you Think?

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What do you think we need at Boissevain School?  An Electronic Sign has been discussed. Additional Programming (calculus, etc.) requires more staffing.  Improving the furniture has been mentioned.  Refinish the gymnasium floor.  What else?

Social Media

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List 3 ways that schools should use Social Media.  My 3 are: 1. Texting 2. Blogs 3. Podcasts

March 6, 2011

What are your thoughts?

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1. When have you felt successful in school?

2. When have you been the most proud of learning something?

3. What is the easiest part of school?What is the hardest?

5. What do you like about math/ELA/Science/Soc.St (pick one)?

6. When is math/ELA/Science/Soc.St (pick one) easy or fun for you?

7. When is math/ELA/Science/Soc.St (pick one) difficult for you?

8. What three things can I as the teacher do to help you become more successful as a student in this class?
9. What three things can you do as a student to help yourself be more successful this year?









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