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June 15, 2011

Track and Field

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The TMSD Track Meet was held on Monday, June 13th.  The Meet involved Gr. 5 to 8 students from Boissevain, Killarney and Minto and was held in Boissevain on a wet field.  Some notes from the day:

1.  Students were very attentive to the instructions given by Mr. Billaney to start the day.

2. The athletes were very cooperative, competitive and patient with the entire day as the track was quite wet.

3. One student returned home to say that he had a Great Day and everyone was so nice, got along and treated each other as equals!

What a great comment to hear! Doesn’t that just make your day! It does mine!

Track is as popular today as it was when Mr. Cameron ran the event at the Peace Garden.




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