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February 15, 2013

Update – Feb. 3

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What’s Up at Boissevain School


Upcoming Dates:


Feb. 11 – HS – Master portfolio midterm marks are due to the office

Feb. 20 – Rachel Ashley – Bullying Presentation – Gr. 5 to 12 – 2pm to 3pm

Feb. 26 – PD Day in Souris

Mar. 6 – Magical Mystery Munsch Show – K to Gr. 6  – 9:15 am

March 12 – K – 8 Reports go home

March 14 – K to 8 Interviews

March 19 – Band Concert

April 3  – Live Differently – Gr. 7 to 12 – 2 pm

April 5 – MADD – Gr. 9 to 12 – 9 am

April 16 – HS reports go home

April 18 – HS Interviews




Reminders:  Please mark on your calendars!

Staff Mtgs:  Primary – FEB. 20  – 3:30    MS – FEB. 19  – 8 am    HS  – FEB. 25 – 3:30

(as always, submit items on the staff wiki or let me know – Meetings are in Meeting Room)


√ I have heard some real positive remarks about some Respect activities in classrooms and advisory groups – I think I have picked up more pieces of paper off the hallway floor then ever before.

√ I found the bus sign up sheet for the Rick Wormli Workshop in Souris on Feb. 26 – it is now on the counter in the office – if you would like to travel by bus please sign your name to the list – there is a date to sign up by to see if enough people will be taking the bus

√ Corey applied for another AED machine like we have in the staff room as there is a program to get more of them in public buildings – it is an expensive item and his application was approved – good stuff – it will be placed in a spot between the two gyms so that it available at all times as required.

√ Al and I are in Winnipeg on Thursday and Friday at COSL – Keith is acting admin on Thursday and Travis is on Friday

√ THE BIG LEAGUE – please be sure to talk to your clases (K to 7) and give me the details so that I can send it to MTYP – I have Connie’s and Donna Jeans – thank you

√ Grade 5 to 12 – just a reminder from the email that I had sent out last week – please go into your Gradebook of Maplewood and create a new category for Final Exam which means all your categories will add up to 100% – if you do not have a final exam then don’t worry about this


√ HS – please make sure you submit your course outlines for Term 2 by Feb. 11 so that I can prepare the mark breakdown for Maplewood – you can submit a paper copy or electronically


√ High School

Next Advisory is:

Feb. 13 – Regular Advisory

Feb. 20 – No Advisory – Rachel Ashley – 2 pm to 3 pm

Feb. 27 – Regular Advisory


√Leisa H.  was the first to say that she would take Sindy from Columbia in her Advisory Group


√√√√ Please be prepared to report on PD that you have attended since the last staff meeting – use the 3 – 2 – 1 process as described to you earlier

√√√√ I read an article in the Free Press about the MB Teaching Society naming rights  for a room in the New  Canadian Museum of Human Rights  – it might be worth your while to be better informed – check this site out



√√√√  I have mentioned that I read a blog written by George Couros and he is a Keynote speaker at the COSL conference in Winnipeg that Al and I are attending Thursday and Friday.  His most recent post is as follows.


Does the “Traditionalist” have a fixed mindset?

On February 8, 2013, in Leading a Learning Community, by George
cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by USAG-Humphreys

The cursive handwriting debate is one that is beyond interesting and it has made me really think of what happens when educators debate ideas. What happens when we disagree?  How does that impact our students?  If the grade one teacher totally disagrees with the grade two teacher on certain aspects of education, what happens to the kids?  I think debate is fantastic as long as it is focused on what is best for kids, but I also wonder what happens in schools when we agree to disagree?  How does that impact our kids long term?

The other thing that I have thought about during some of these conversations is the teacher that proclaims, “I am a traditionalist!”  What does that mean?  To me,  I think that I am very traditional in my values as an educator (relationships, working with kids to be respectful and considerate, etc.), but I hope progressive on the way I teach.  Yet when I hear, “I am a very traditional teacher”, it usually is during conversations regarding how we teach.  What I hear in my head is, “I teach the way I was taught”, which automatically goes to Carol Dweck’s thoughts on mindset, especially the notion of a fixed mindset.  If you have not read the book, here is the Wikipedia summary on a fixed mindset:

Those with a fixed mindset believe their talents and abilities cannot be improved through any means. They feel that they are born with a certain amount of talent and typically do not wish to challenge their abilities due to the possibility of failure. Individuals with a fixed mindset frequently guard themselves against situations in which they feel they need to prove their personal worth. Challenges are frequently viewed negatively, instead of as an opportunity for personal growth.

Now I would not say that I think the “traditionalist” doesn’t believe that they can improve, but it seems that if they refer to the way things were in school as almost being utopian, do they not have a fixed mindset on what school could be?  I will tell you that I actually enjoyed school quite a bit (in most cases) but I am also jealous of the opportunities kids have now in school that I didn’t.  I also think that we need to continue to explore to make school better.

I am not saying things were bad when I was in school, but that was a different time and a much different world.  Shouldn’t teaching and learning progress alongside society at least, and maybe in some cases lead the way?  I believe that there are some things in school that still work for kids, but I would never say I am a traditionalist.

What do you think?



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