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February 18, 2013

Update for Feb. 17

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What’s Up at Boissevain School


Upcoming Dates:


Feb. 20 – Rachel Ashley – Bullying Presentation – Gr. 5 to 12 – 2pm to 3pm

Feb. 26 – PD Day in Souris

Mar. 6 – Magical Mystery Munsch Show – K to Gr. 6  – 9:15 am

March 12 – K – 8 Reports go home

March 14 – K to 8 Interviews

March 19 – Band Concert

April 3  – Live Differently – Gr. 7 to 12 – 2 pm

April 5 – MADD – Gr. 9 to 12 – 9 am

April 16 – HS reports go home

April 18 – HS Interviews


Reminders:  Please mark on your calendars!

Staff Mtgs:  Primary – FEB. 20  – 3:30    MS – FEB. 19  – 8 am    HS  – FEB. 25 – 3:30

(as always, submit items on the staff wiki or let me know – Meetings are in Meeting Room)


√ please be sure to take a look at the following TMSD document on Field Trips and Extracurricular Trips – we know this but it is a good reminder – don’t be misinformed


√ Just a reminder for K to 8 that report cards are coming up in the Middle of March and it is regular reports – just a reminder that the comments are the same as last time – Strengths, Challenges and Next Steps – thanks for doing such a good job with that.

√ $464 was placed in the envelope to support the Pentecost family – we will get a cheque to the Town of Waskada who are looking after this right away – there are other areas to donate if you are looking to do something else – thanks for your generosity!

√ if you haven’t gone over your growth plan with Al or I, please check your time – we have 6 scheduled for Wednesday – Feb. 20 and we need to set up meetings with others – thanks for having the information updated before you come.

√ Al and I are at a principal’s meeting this Thursday in the morning – Corey will be acting admin

√ High School

Next Advisory is:

Feb. 20 – No Advisory – Rachel Ashley – 2 pm to 3 pm

Feb. 27 – Regular Advisory

√√√√ Please be prepared to report on PD that you have attended since the last staff meeting – use the 3 – 2 – 1 process as described to you earlier.


√√√√√ – please take a look at this video clip by a Gr. 7 student – I use Symbaloo to organize my bookmarks and organize my Professional Learning Network (PLN) – this student uses it for a Personal Learning Environment (PLE) – this way they have access to this everywhere – I recommend students do something like this – I have looked at Evernote and Glogster that is mentioned in the video – remember, give them this idea and they may run with it (this is probably for Gr. 5 to 12 students but you can judge whether your students can benefit)



√√√√ We attended the COSL conference in Winnipeg this past Thursday and Friday.  It was like an All Star conference as the Keynote speakers have some excellent backgrounds.  They were Damian Cooper, George Couros and Michael Fullan.  I also went to a session with Andy McKiel and Ryan Miller.


I have some books by Damian Cooper and Michael Fullan that are excellent reads.  Michael Fullan referred to Ken O’Connor who wrote the book 15 fixes for Broken Grades.  We have looked at the 15 fixes at our principal’s meetings.


The Session by Damian Cooper was looking at his latest book called: Redefining Fair – How to Plan, Assess and Grade for Excellence in Mixed – Ability Classrooms.  The presentation was all related to what we are doing in our province with regards to Essential Learning, Outcomes, Assessment and Report Cards.  Mr. Cooper made reference to all grades from K to 12 in his examples.


I have started to read REDEFINING FAIR and would love to share with anyone who is interested. To get an idea of what his discussion is about in his book, these are the questions he had asked teachers about their major challenges found on Page 1.

1.              How do I differentiate my program for struggling learners when they are all expected to know the same material?

2.              How should I modify my rubrics for my struggling learners?

3.              How do I manage my high school classes if I have students moving at different speeds? I have so much to cover.

4.              I can’t insist on all of my students mastering essential learning.  At the end of a unit, don’t we have to move on?

5.              How can my report card grades be fair and accurate when I have such a wide range of students in my class?

6.              How is it fair to those students who are successful the first time if others get to do assignments and tests over again?

7.              If students know they can do rewrites on major assignments, why should they try the first time?

8.              If students get to redo tests, won’t I have to have lots of tests for every unit?


Damian Cooper says these are all challenging questions that will be explored in his book. Some of the questions involve curriculum, some focus on instruction, some address assessment, and some concern grading.


√√√√ I am attaching some links to some projects done by Andy McKiel and Ryan Miller – Winnipeg.  There is no way that I can do what they did because of Ryan’s music talents and Andy’s technology abilities (Shawn Can) however they sure show what can be done to create an understanding of others.  I sure liked all of these – if you have some time this week take a look or at least take a look  some time.  They would be good for your class to see – Primary might want to look at them first and see if they work.

They all refer to the RESPECT Pillar.



COMMUNITY UNITY – a collaboration between Brookland School (Wpg) and The Pas



√ Mike sent this to me and we saw one of the Kid Snippets at the conference – it was mentioned that it was a great project to collaborate students from HS with younger students – this would be the TEAMWORK Pillar



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