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March 3, 2013

Update – March 3 – 2013

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What’s Up at Boissevain School


Upcoming Dates:


March 5 – Gr. 9 Career Day in BU/ACC

March 6 – Magical Mystery Munsch Show – K to Gr. 6  – 9:15 am is seating

March 6 – Gr. 11 Career Day in BU/ACC

March 8 – Admin Day – Farm Focus

March 12 – K – 8 Reports go home

March 14 – K to 8 Interviews

March 19 – Band Concert – North Gym – 7:30pm

March 19  – Blood Donor Clinic – South Gym

April 3  – Live Differently – Gr. 7 to 12 – 2 pm

April 5 – MADD – Gr. 9 to 12 – 9 am

April 14 – 18 – Cantando Band Trip – Edmonton

April 16 – HS reports go home

April 18 – HS Interviews




Reminders:  Please mark on your calendars!

Staff Mtgs:  I think we can move through March without a regular staff meeting

Primary – April 10  – 3:30    MS – April 9  – 8 am    HS  – April 8 – 3:30

(as always, submit items on the staff wiki or let me know – Meetings are in Meeting Room)


√ this is a busy week – Career Symposiums for Gr. 9 and 11 in Brandon – Gr. 10’s will go to Winnipeg in May – Munsch Tour on Mar. 6 for K to Gr. 6 on Wednesday – Farm Focus is her Thursday (Set up) and Friday – we have a half day admin that day and reports for K to 8 will start to be printed in the afternoon


√ K TO 8 Report Reminder: Interview Names in office by March 4 –  Comments completed by March 6 – Reports completed by March 8 for printing – Reports to parents on March 12 – Parent/Teacher Interviews on March 14


√ High School

No Advisory this week


√√√√ Please be prepared to report on PD that you have attended since the last staff meeting – use the 3 – 2 – 1 process:

3 Highlights – 2 Questions you have – 1 item you implement in the school.



√√√√ This weeks thoughts from Damian Cooper’s Book called Redefining Fair


It Says:

–        if the mission of schools is proficiency for all students, then differentiation is not merely desirable, it is imperative.

–        Differentiation (or responsive  teaching) is a response that all learners leave school equipped with the knowledge and skills they will need to function in an ever – changing global community.

–        Differentiation is much more complex than simply offering students choices – the most challenging task for teachers in a mixed-ability-class involves determining students current knowledge and skill levels and adjusting accordingly.


This chapter overlaps with the information provided by Rick Wormeli – in fact Cooper quotes Wormeli’s work in the chapter.

It starts with these familiar questions:

–        Is it fair to students who are successful the first time if others get to do assignments and tests over again?

–        If students know they can do rewrites on major assignments, why would they try the first time, knowing they can just do it again?

–        If students get to redo tests, won’t I have to create lots of tests for every unit?


I like how Cooper describes what a 21st century model of instruction, assessment and grading look like.  Instead of the Tour de France it needs to resemble a guided bicycle tour.

Here is a description of what this looks like?

–        on a bicycle tour, the guide has the route for the day’s ride and starts out by leading the way.

–        But the riders don’t necessarily stay together, so throughout the ride, the guide doubles back to check on all the riders.

–        She ensures that no one is riding alone, that everyone is cycling at his or her own comfort level, ant that no one gets lost or overwhelmed by the terrain.

–        When the guide discovers that some riders have dismounted from their bikes and are looking skeptically at a particularly steep hill, she says, “You don’t have to climb it. Let me show you an alternative route.”

–        Of course all riders make it to the picturesque country Inn by the end of the day.

–        Some have taken a different route; some have taken longer than others to arrive; but all riders have participated in the ride that is appropriate to their skill and fitness levels.


√√√√ Here is a 2 minute video of Sir Ken Robinson about the Art of Teaching – I have not heard him speak before but I know some people who have – he is an expert in his field.



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