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May 27, 2013

Update – May 26 – 2013

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What’s Up at Boissevain School

Upcoming Dates:

May 28 – Middle School Track Meet

May 29 – BU – Mini University Presentation in the Primary Open Area – K to 6

May 29 – Spring Band Concert

May 30 – Student Led Conferences (K to 12) – 5 pm to 7 pm

June 4 – MS TMSD Track Meet

June 4 – Cafeteria Closes

June 5 – AAA Spirit Day

June 7 – 4 – H Rally Day

June 11 – CTS Luncheon – North Gym

June 19 – Gr. 12 Marks are due

June 21 – Gr. 9 to 11 marks are due

June 25 – Gr. 5 – 8 marks are due

June 24 – Boissevain School Graduation

June 25 – ECA Awards – Gr. 9 to 12

June 27 – MS awards – Gr. 5 to 8 – last day of classes

June 28 – Admin Day  – Gr. 9 to 12 Reports

Reminders:  Please mark on your calendars!

Staff Mtgs:

Primary –??????    MS – ???????    HS  – ?????????

(please submit items on the staff wiki or let me know – Meetings are in Meeting Room)

√ Brandon University is scheduled to present their Mini University information for K to 6 students this Wednesday, May 29 at 11 am in the Primary Open area – please take your class down right after recess – it is about 20 minutes – thank you

√ High School – Advisory

May 29 – Advisory

√ Looking ahead to Report cards in June our practice has been to provide a general comment at end the year – the new reports are requiring teachers to keep with the strengths, challenges and next steps – You have done an excellent job with the comments throughout the year and I feel for the end of the year comments that you should be allowed to provide a general, end of the year comment, not the type you provided on the last reports.   We can revisit what the comments will look like for next year, next year.

√ – this is good:

What is a teacher’s job?

What is a teacher’s job? “If a doctor, lawyer, or dentist had 40 people in his office at one time, all of whom had different needs, and some of whom didn’t want to be there and were causing trouble, and the doctor, lawyer, or dentist, without assistance, had to treat them all with professional excellence for nine months, then he might have some conception of the classroom teacher’s job.”  ~Donald D. Quinn

√√  Prof. Nantais sent this the other day:

6 Ways to Let Students Know You Care

1. Greet Them

Stand by the door and greet all students by name as they enter.

2. 2×10 

Spend two minutes a day for 10 consecutive days with a disengaged student.

3. George’s Book

Inspired by a teacher named George, select five students to focus on in each class. The awareness of the students’ unique strengths will have an enormous impact on the engagement and achievement of even the most disengaged adolescents.

4. My Life in Six Words

Legend has it that when Ernest Hemingway was challenged to write a novel in six words, he wrote, “For Sale: Baby shoes, never worn.” Invite your students to tell you how they are doing, using exactly six words.

5. Debrief with Students

Class meetings give you a way to check in with all of your students, and they build students’ commitment to community. You can also debrief more informally by asking your students, “What do you think went well for us today?” and “What do we need to do to make further progress tomorrow?”

6. Attend Extracurricular Events

There’s no question this recommendation is asking a lot of busy teachers, but they’ll know that you care enough to support them by attending events outside the classroom.



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